Gin brand reviews


There are hundreds of gin brands out there and to help you find the perfect gin, we’ve reviewed some of the most famous brands in the market today. We’ve also selected different brands from all over the world!

Filliers Pine Tree Blossom 42.6%

The pine tree blossom is considered a premium dry gin in the market. The brand was created back in 1888 with a unique recipe that is infused with a small blend of pine. It is best served with a plain tonic and ice.

Jinzu Gin 41.3%

The Jinzu Gin was born when a British bartender named Dee Davies travelled in Japan and was inspired by Japan’s culture and food. Jinzu Gin has an original taste of British Gin but mixed with some Japanese flavours including sake, yuzu and cherry blossom. The design of the bottle is also incorporated with Japanese style including a wooden lid and a cherry blossom design. The price ranges from £30-£40. If you’re looking for something different in taste, this gin is definitely worth a try.

Eden Mill Love 42%

The Eden Mill love gin is made of 9 different ingredients from rhubarb root, marshmallow root, raspberry leaf, rose petal, angelica, elderberry, coriander seed, juniper and goji berry. It is known as the ‘love gin’. The flavour has a subtle sweet aftertaste and is priced at £25 on Amazon. The Eden Mill brand also offers different flavours of gin including the hop, oak and original gin.

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin

Tanqueray is one of the most popular gin in the market. The recipe was first created in Bloomsbury London back in the 80s. It contains an exotic botanical ingredient and a hint of citrus flavour. It’s perfect for cocktails or a simple gin and tonic.

Daffy’s Gin 43.4%

The Daffy’s Gin is bursting with eight different botanical flavours from Spanish lemon, angelica root, juniper, cassia bark, Lebanese mint, orris root, orange peel and coriander. The brand is originally from Scotland. It’s currently on the market for £30 to £40.  

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