Best Companies to Convert or Upgrade Your Home

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There are many ways you can add something special to your home, either working with what you already have or creating something entirely new and unique as an addition to your existing property. Whether you’re converting or constructing one of the following ideas, you’ll need a professional company to guide your planning process and ensure the work is completed to the highest standard. Here are some of the top rated companies in the country for the following types of projects.

Loft extensions and conversions

The uppermost floor of any house is often the most overlooked, and most people still don’t really use the available space there due to the potential cost and inconvenience of transforming it into something useful like an extra bedroom, bathroom, games room or anything else that suits your property. However, this project doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re working with a specialist loft conversion company such as The Loft Consultancy, who can talk you through conversion and extension design ideas before helping you see the project through to completion.

Convert your basement space

Instead of looking up to the roof of your home, you may find more potential below it. The potential for converting your basement could be incredible, whether you choose to use the space for an additional lounge area, a private gym, a wine cellar or even a small pool. London Basement is one of the premier UK companies with the capacity to take on major home basement projects, and they have dozens of testimonials to confirm their work is top quality. A firm like this could help you unlock your house’s hidden underground potential.

Add a conservatory or orangery

Many homes with gardens can be enhanced dramatically with the help of a classy conservatory, which adds a lot of useable space to your house and allows you to enjoy relaxing (practically) outside whatever the weather. CJ Fullwood are one of the most reputable firms in the UK for taking on such projects, with vast experience building bespoke hardwood conservatories in traditional and modern styles.

Build your own swimming pool

This option may not be for everyone, but in the right home a pool can be the best possible asset! You may choose to create it out in the garden, or alternatively you could combine the job with one of our suggestions above: either place your pool underground for privacy, or have it under the shelter of a large conservatory. Either way, a good choice of professional company would be Ocean Pools, an experienced London firm covering the whole UK and boasting experience in all aspects of swimming pool construction.

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