5 Premium Chocolate Brands to Try

Godiva chocolates

For many of us, chocolate is one of the treats we always come back to. It’s especially good if you really know what your favourite premium brands are, so you can treat yourself once in a while. If you’re not so keen on the cheaper kids’ brands and you’re a little tired of the same old options on the high street, head online and check out some of the UK’s leading premium collections. These master chocolatiers are aiming their products squarely at the discerning adult market, and some of their offerings are more than a little indulgent, so be warned!

1) Hotel Chocolat

You may, in fact, find this particular example on your local high street after all. They’ve opened many shops in the UK after exploding in popularity, but their full range is only available online for the most part. Although on the pricey side, the chocolates themselves really are impressive. Be careful with any alcoholic centres, as they pack quite a punch! Some of their best selections can be found under the wedding and anniversary gifts section.

2) Godiva

Proving that Belgians really are the chocolate masters, Godiva have 90 years of experience crafting some of the most beautiful looking chocolate gifts around. They recently released several special items to celebrate their anniversary, marking nine decades in the business with the “1926” Rose & Raspberry Dessert and a range of chocolate ice cream flavours, as well as the more classic chocolate selection boxes.

3) Butlers

Butlers Chocolates is a luxury Irish brand serving up unique and delicious chocolates to several countries. They started in the 1930’s and have slowly risen in popularity to become one of the UK’s best, if lesser known, premium brands. Their immaculately decorated chocolates make for some of the most impressive selection boxes you’ll find.

4) Gnaw

Gnaw is a unique and exciting chocolate brand that hasn’t been around for so long, but has already made a big impression with its impressive concept. Stripping away some of the fancy packaging, Gnaw specialises in providing top quality handcrafted chocolate bars, and one of their best products is a custom bundle that lets you choose exactly what selection of bars you get.

5) Leonidas

The chocolates you’ll find in a Leonidas collection really do look absolutely stunning, and taste even better. Another Belgian brand that has been going for well over 100 years, they offer an excellent selection of truffles, pralines, butter creams, liquors and many more. They offer a massive range of options for choosing your own range of premium chocolates or Napolitian squares, so you can try all the flavours that appeal to you most.

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