Not On The High Street – Review

Not On The High Street (or NOTHS) has been around for 10 years now, specialising in hard-to-find products that are a cut above what you’ll get from your average high street retailer. They specialise in providing a platform for undiscovered, creative people and businesses looking to get their products seen by a wider audience.

As a potential buyer, there are many benefits to NOTHS. The way products are presented is quite refreshing, and looks somewhat like a personal blog or a Pinterest board as opposed to a traditional e-commerce store. You’ll find it easy to search by theme, or occasion if you’re looking for gifts. Even if you don’t immediately come across what you’re looking for, usually you will find that inspiration isn’t far away since a lot of related but different products will be suggested in each section.

In terms of the products being offered, it’s obvious straight away that there is an emphasis on quality. However, if you expect that homemade items from small businesses will always be overpriced, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Much of the appeal of this site is obviously based around avoiding major retail chains, and a big part of that is cutting out inflated prices that have to cover the costs of distributing products on the high street. Continue reading

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