Best & Worst UK Mobile Phone Networks

Choosing a mobile phone

When choosing a mobile phone, it’s a difficult enough choice when you have to consider different manufacturers, contract lengths, whether to buy a phone outright or not, and many more considerations about the phone itself. That’s without even looking into mobile networks, and on the surface many of them seem to offer the same deals. How can you possibly choose? Fortunately (or unfortunately for some providers), there are answers. We’ve awarded each of the main networks with a particular certification to make the process easier for you.

Worst Network: Vodafone

This is a rather unfortunate title to begin with, but it has to be said. Vodaphone is having a bad year, and in summer 2016 they became the centre of a large scale controversy due to Ofcom’s involvement with their customer service issues. After upgrading their billing system in 2015, no end of problems have ensued for a large proportion of their customers, giving them a dire reputation for handling complaints and making them one to avoid altogether until further notice.

Best Performance: EE

Having merged with so many different networks over time and changed hands so many times, EE remains a bit of a mystery despite its broad reach. Despite the confusion over its name and ownership, however, being in the business for many years has seemingly helped its infrastructure. EE has built up a reputation for the best and most consistent service when it comes to calls, texts, data, signal coverage and overall reliability. No other major network can match it in tests, as of late last year. Continue reading

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