Best Budget School Uniform Shops

Marks & Spencer school uniform

“Back to school” is always a big promotional campaign across the high street and supermarket aisles, but what parents really need are good value, high quality clothes that will look smart, be comfortable and stand up to a bit of wear and tear. Working out the most cost effective place to buy schoolwear can be tricky, as you have to factor in the expected lifespan of each item and think about when it will need replacing, but here are some ideas to get you started.

John Lewis

Although some of their product ranges are on the higher end of the budget for a lot of parents, their back to school range is impressively smart and affordable. A few select schools across the UK actually use John Lewis as the official supplier for their uniforms.


The classic catalogue shop has always been great for finding bargains in the kids’ clothes section, and when it comes to Back to School 2016 they’re no exception. They specialise in multi-packs so you can get several shirts or pairs of trousers for not much money at all. Continue reading

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