Most people today own a smartphone. It has become a necessity for us to communicate instantly, be productive through apps, and be entertained. The smarter the phone is, the higher the cost. It is, in fact, a luxury item that we need to protect, so investing in smartphone accessories is a must and Casestyle offers a fantastic range of products for this very purpose.

Casestyle offers a wide collection of luxury mobile phone cases, tablet covers and accessories that are truly irresistible.

If you’re looking for high quality accessories, Casestyle’s cases and accessories are high-end and durable. We love the fact that their cases are made from premium leather which can provide maximum protection for your smartphone. Apart from the quality, their products are very stylish. Casestyle really doesn’t compromise on quality or style.

There is so much to choose from on this website. Casestyle has an extensive collection of smartphone accessories, leaving you with not just one choice, but dozens of choices for every brand. They have iPhones cases and covers for iPods, iPads, and MacBooks. They also have cases for Android phones, including the flagships and other models of Samsung, HTC, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia, Sony, and LG smartphones, among others.

You don’t need to worry if you have the latest models, Casestyle stocks cases for even the newest releases. We were surprised to see that they are even stocking iPhone 8 and X covers as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2 cases.

mobile phone cases

Casestyle’s case collection includes wallets and bumpers. Their top-rated cases even have futuristic features that allow your smartphone to automatically wake and sleep, saving precious battery power. Some also have interchangeable lenses for enhancing your photographs. Continue reading

5 Best Sites To Design Your own T-Shirt

spreadshirt funny tshirt

Custom printed t-shirts have exploded in popularity over the last decade, since there are so many great options around. Printing your own t-shirt is quick and simple, and these make perfect gifts for birthdays, hen and stag parties and many more occasions. Maybe you just want to add some personality to your wardrobe and create something truly unique. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it online.

Depending on the kind of printing you need, the choice of designs, sizes and so on, you might want to consider different options. However, it can be overwhelming searching for the best t-shirt printing companies, so we’re saving you the trouble by compiling this list of five excellent choices.


Hoodyworld is a printing company offering a huge range of products other than t-shirts, and you can enjoy great discounts if you’re ordering in bulk, but the prices are affordable even if you only need one or two custom designs printed. The simple website structure allows you to easily pick your style of clothing before going ahead and finalising your custom design.


Spreadshirt is a great platform that allows you to have your own store to showcase your original designs, and users can browse the entire site and order any of the designs featured. This means there is an amazingly wide range of different options available and more are always being added. They also print accessories as well as t-shirts. Continue reading

Best & Worst UK Mobile Phone Networks

Choosing a mobile phone

When choosing a mobile phone, it’s a difficult enough choice when you have to consider different manufacturers, contract lengths, whether to buy a phone outright or not, and many more considerations about the phone itself. That’s without even looking into mobile networks, and on the surface many of them seem to offer the same deals. How can you possibly choose? Fortunately (or unfortunately for some providers), there are answers. We’ve awarded each of the main networks with a particular certification to make the process easier for you.

Worst Network: Vodafone

This is a rather unfortunate title to begin with, but it has to be said. Vodaphone is having a bad year, and in summer 2016 they became the centre of a large scale controversy due to Ofcom’s involvement with their customer service issues. After upgrading their billing system in 2015, no end of problems have ensued for a large proportion of their customers, giving them a dire reputation for handling complaints and making them one to avoid altogether until further notice.

Best Performance: EE

Having merged with so many different networks over time and changed hands so many times, EE remains a bit of a mystery despite its broad reach. Despite the confusion over its name and ownership, however, being in the business for many years has seemingly helped its infrastructure. EE has built up a reputation for the best and most consistent service when it comes to calls, texts, data, signal coverage and overall reliability. No other major network can match it in tests, as of late last year. Continue reading

5 Premium Chocolate Brands to Try

Godiva chocolates

For many of us, chocolate is one of the treats we always come back to. It’s especially good if you really know what your favourite premium brands are, so you can treat yourself once in a while. If you’re not so keen on the cheaper kids’ brands and you’re a little tired of the same old options on the high street, head online and check out some of the UK’s leading premium collections. These master chocolatiers are aiming their products squarely at the discerning adult market, and some of their offerings are more than a little indulgent, so be warned!

1) Hotel Chocolat

You may, in fact, find this particular example on your local high street after all. They’ve opened many shops in the UK after exploding in popularity, but their full range is only available online for the most part. Although on the pricey side, the chocolates themselves really are impressive. Be careful with any alcoholic centres, as they pack quite a punch! Some of their best selections can be found under the wedding and anniversary gifts section.

2) Godiva

Proving that Belgians really are the chocolate masters, Godiva have 90 years of experience crafting some of the most beautiful looking chocolate gifts around. They recently released several special items to celebrate their anniversary, marking nine decades in the business with the “1926” Rose & Raspberry Dessert and a range of chocolate ice cream flavours, as well as the more classic chocolate selection boxes. Continue reading

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Dell laptops

There are plenty of great deals to be found online when it comes to computers and laptops, being one of the most competitive markets out there. ITC Sales offers an alternative option for anyone who may be hesitant to pay high prices from bigger electronic superstores. They specialise in Dell laptops and computers, but also stock a great range from other manufacturers. The unique selling point is that the majority of their products are manufacturer refurbished or end of line, and come with heavily discounted price tags.

There’s no need to be wary of the products available from ITC Sales, since they have official partnerships with Dell and several other major manufacturers. As partners and distributors of factory-refurbished computers and laptops, you can rest assured that your purchases will still be in fantastic working order. Refurbished models found on their store are very often simple returns or cancelled orders, so most of them have barely been used, if at all. The main difference is that since the products have been opened, they can’t be sold as brand new and come in at bargain prices as a result. Continue reading

Top 5 Collectible Bear Brands

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are one of the most enduring and iconic children’s toys of modern times, with hundreds of years of history making them fascinating as well as adorable. It’s easy to see why many adults love them too, and for serious collectors it’s all about the best manufacturers. Here are five of our favourite brands, including some real vintage classics as well as contemporary lines that capture the same spirit.

Charlie Bears1) Charlie Bears

If there is any modern brand that really embodies the charm of classic teddy bears, it’s the wonderful range of Charlie bears launched originally in 2005. This Cornish brand is now sold and recognised around the world, and covers a fantastic range including baby toys, travel buddies and special edition models, making it one of our personal favourites.

Steiff Bears2) Steiff Bears

The story of this iconic brand goes all the way back to 1847, with the company officially starting to manufacture high quality teddy bears in 1880. Since then the brand has gained legendary status as one of the most pioneering companies in the business, and Steiff can take a lot of the credit for making collectors fall in love with bears. Continue reading

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Best Budget School Uniform Shops

Marks & Spencer school uniform

“Back to school” is always a big promotional campaign across the high street and supermarket aisles, but what parents really need are good value, high quality clothes that will look smart, be comfortable and stand up to a bit of wear and tear. Working out the most cost effective place to buy schoolwear can be tricky, as you have to factor in the expected lifespan of each item and think about when it will need replacing, but here are some ideas to get you started.

John Lewis

Although some of their product ranges are on the higher end of the budget for a lot of parents, their back to school range is impressively smart and affordable. A few select schools across the UK actually use John Lewis as the official supplier for their uniforms.


The classic catalogue shop has always been great for finding bargains in the kids’ clothes section, and when it comes to Back to School 2016 they’re no exception. They specialise in multi-packs so you can get several shirts or pairs of trousers for not much money at all. Continue reading Review

If you’ve bought anything in any shop in the last few years, especially online, you have probably come across vouchers for a free Graze box at some point. Their promotional campaign has been going strong for years, but you may still not have claimed your free box. It turns out that now is as good a time as any to try it out for yourself!

Essentially, Graze offers a regular subscription service for snacks. It’s not hard to find special offers (or get a referral code from a friend) which allow you to get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free, provided you pay £3.99 per box for the rest until then. The premise is that you can enjoy healthy, convenient and tasty food delivered right to your door. What’s not to like?

Graze Box

When you sign up, they make the process extremely quick and simple, although it’s possible to spend a while on the site once you realise the entire menu is there to peruse. First you have the chance to rule out any particular ingredients you don’t like, which automatically labels some of the menu choices as “binned”. You can then look through the whole selection and score things according to your level of interest. This should affect how likely you are to receive each item in your box. Continue reading

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Best Places Online To Buy Folding Chairs


Saving space is always in fashion, and a vital thing to consider whether you’re kitting out your home or workplace. Folding furniture can really help with this goal, especially folding chairs – they take up almost no space if you come up with a smart storage solution, but can add colours and style to any room, shop, waiting room, or anywhere else you want to put them, as well as being amazingly practical. Here are some of the best options if you’re looking to buy folding chairs in the UK.

Mogo Direct

There is really no alternative to a folding furniture specialist if you want to ensure you’re choosing from one of the best ranges available in the UK. That’s why a company such as Mogo Direct, who specialises folding chairs and other unique furniture, can let you be more specific about your requirements than large retailers. There are great discounts available for buying in bulk and excellent delivery options, plus they have years of experience in the industry so it’s easier to get advice should you need it. We recommend visiting their website to place an online order if you need quality folding chairs on a large scale, or you have particular requirements and need expert help. Continue reading

Fashion brands for petite size


There are many fashion brands that target sizes in women. For instance, the petite sizes are clothes that are specifically designed for women who are short in height or has a smaller body size. It’s ideal for petite women to look for brands and designers that specialize in their sizes. Thankfully there are lists of brands who cater for their needs.


Topshop is one of the most popular high street fashion in the UK. They have a stock of petite sizes, and they often bring out new styles every season. When it comes to finding the perfect jeans for petite women, Topshop offers the best fit of them all. Some of their most popular items for petite sizes are their high waisted mom jeans and skinny jeans. Prices can range from £20 to £50. They also offer a clothing line for occasional wear including suits and dresses.

Asos asos

Asos is one of the biggest online clothing brands in the world. Their style of clothing is creative, fresh and edgy. You can almost find everything you need on their online website including tops, jeans, outerwear, jumpsuits, shoes and accessories. They are also known for offering a large variety of petite sizes in their own brand. Some of their lines collaborate with other top brands including Nike, Boohoo, Monki, Missguided, Bershka, Mango and many others. It’s the perfect shop for anyone who loves shopping online.

Bomb Petite

Bomb Petite is a high-end brand that specifically designs clothing for women who are under 5ft 4inch. It’s another online brand that offers their own line of clothing and has a collection of other designs from independent brands and designers. The founders of Bomb Petite is Jenny Liu and Yuliya Petryk. Their designs are inspired by minimal and aesthetic designs. Their prices can range from £30 to £400.

Gin brand reviews


There are hundreds of gin brands out there and to help you find the perfect gin, we’ve reviewed some of the most famous brands in the market today. We’ve also selected different brands from all over the world!

Filliers Pine Tree Blossom 42.6%

The pine tree blossom is considered a premium dry gin in the market. The brand was created back in 1888 with a unique recipe that is infused with a small blend of pine. It is best served with a plain tonic and ice.

Jinzu Gin 41.3%

The Jinzu Gin was born when a British bartender named Dee Davies travelled in Japan and was inspired by Japan’s culture and food. Jinzu Gin has an original taste of British Gin but mixed with some Japanese flavours including sake, yuzu and cherry blossom. The design of the bottle is also incorporated with Japanese style including a wooden lid and a cherry blossom design. The price ranges from £30-£40. If you’re looking for something different in taste, this gin is definitely worth a try.

Eden Mill Love 42%

The Eden Mill love gin is made of 9 different ingredients from rhubarb root, marshmallow root, raspberry leaf, rose petal, angelica, elderberry, coriander seed, juniper and goji berry. It is known as the ‘love gin’. The flavour has a subtle sweet aftertaste and is priced at £25 on Amazon. The Eden Mill brand also offers different flavours of gin including the hop, oak and original gin.

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin

Tanqueray is one of the most popular gin in the market. The recipe was first created in Bloomsbury London back in the 80s. It contains an exotic botanical ingredient and a hint of citrus flavour. It’s perfect for cocktails or a simple gin and tonic.

Daffy’s Gin 43.4%

The Daffy’s Gin is bursting with eight different botanical flavours from Spanish lemon, angelica root, juniper, cassia bark, Lebanese mint, orris root, orange peel and coriander. The brand is originally from Scotland. It’s currently on the market for £30 to £40.  

How To Buy Stylish Clothing For Your Body Shape

women fashionThere are many great trends arising this year and it may be ideal for you to find the best way to dress for your body shape to prevent buying a clothing piece that doesn’t suit your body type. When shopping for new clothing, one should consider which style would look the most flattering for them. For women who are short in height may want to focus on choosing a piece that slims and elongates her body. Fitted jeans paired with a layered top create a slim and elegant look.

Women with curvy and plus size body types may want to consider looking at online shops that specifically have clothing lines for their size. For example, you can check out shops like Evans, Simply Be and Yours Clothing as they have a great selection of clothing for plus size women.

When it comes to fashion for men, one of the most important elements to consider is the fit. Many men aren’t aware of what size they wear and may just pick something off the rack and try to estimate their size. For instance, when picking a more formal look, such as an outfit for work or a suit, it’s vital that they try the outfit first to see if it fits them. Or getting the right measurements for their body will help them find the perfect suit for their size. No matter what body type, having the right fit is a great way to accentuate one’s best features.

Men who are looking for a casual style should try on a variety of sizes to get a sense of what works well for their body. Much like women, they can consider which body parts they like the most and find something that will emphasize it.

When shopping for the newest trends in 2017, consider buying a clothing piece that works well for your body type. With so many trends available, there is a new look out there for everyone.  Start choosing a piece that will make you look and feel fashionable, comfortable, and confident this year.

Not On The High Street – Review

Not On The High Street (or NOTHS) has been around for 10 years now, specialising in hard-to-find products that are a cut above what you’ll get from your average high street retailer. They specialise in providing a platform for undiscovered, creative people and businesses looking to get their products seen by a wider audience.

As a potential buyer, there are many benefits to NOTHS. The way products are presented is quite refreshing, and looks somewhat like a personal blog or a Pinterest board as opposed to a traditional e-commerce store. You’ll find it easy to search by theme, or occasion if you’re looking for gifts. Even if you don’t immediately come across what you’re looking for, usually you will find that inspiration isn’t far away since a lot of related but different products will be suggested in each section.

In terms of the products being offered, it’s obvious straight away that there is an emphasis on quality. However, if you expect that homemade items from small businesses will always be overpriced, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Much of the appeal of this site is obviously based around avoiding major retail chains, and a big part of that is cutting out inflated prices that have to cover the costs of distributing products on the high street. Continue reading

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